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Full Blown Chaos - Against The Grain Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Against The Grain lyrics performed by Full Blown Chaos. We have tried to make the Against The Grain song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Do you know me?
tell me what you believe
how dare you judge me
i am more than what you see
i made this life
and everyone a friend
still you turned on me
shown true colors
you never listen
you hear the sound
you never listen
and fuck the words
never ending every things become a trend
i hope you had your fill
cause this is where the bleeding ends
slowly dying
were worked down to the bone
go against the grain
or die alone
i wont change for you
cause you will never change
i live my life everyday
you just fail and fade away
dare you judge
turn on me
you just fail
fade away

Full Blown Chaos lyrics