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Fuck The Facts - Taken From The Nest Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Taken From The Nest lyrics performed by Fuck The Facts. We have tried to make the Taken From The Nest song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Walk. No time. Take from the nest. Dressed in a white
Outline. Just to show you have your life. Lift your
Confidence. Your path's around your neck. Consume. He
Wants. What he wants. When he wants it. The cheapest
Cost. Would be worth enough. It's painted in his
Brother's blood. Working through the dark. Just to fill
Basic needs in life. A faceless shadow left. The ruin of
My bare hands. The need. To advance in all. A black eye
Is needed. A cycle maintained. The sky was black. And the
Air growing. In her hand. Cold. Falling. On the ground.
Her work. Printed with a picture. She once loved. He
Needs. What he believes. Is inescapable. Why? Eyeless
Sight. Why? Mindless acts. Walk. No time. Wise. Taken
From the nest. Do you believe as human beings that we've
Progressed? You're wrong. The sky was black. And the air
Growing. In her hand. Cold. Rush back home.

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