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Front Line Assembly - Laughing Pain Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Laughing Pain lyrics performed by Front Line Assembly. We have tried to make the Laughing Pain song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

"Had a bad childhood? We can fix it.
Re-sculpt your memory, shorten your perception of. Why not?"

"Oh my God!"

Feeling like they cut the eye
Severing from this realm of life
The enemy is on your back
A non-implanted form
What you know don't justify


The enemy is sick someday
Tissue, it's scarred, behave
The wounds, they'll open soft
The angels cry for more
He;s there he crashes through the cell
Democracy self-destructs
And you'll heed to this fallen cause
Its time to pay them back

"They shoot him"
"In the lung"
"??? in the resurrection"

In their eyes
Deception appears
Broken force
Scratches their faith
Crippled hysteria
The laughing pain

Desire affects the realm of hope
and you're our self-conviction
We heal your faith
With chemicals,
You help the victims
Ability affects his warnings
The better of two evils

"The gunmen had picked their victim completely at random"
"They were attempting to increase and spread the terror"

Front Line Assembly lyrics

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