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Front Line Assembly - Everything Must Perish Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Everything Must Perish lyrics performed by Front Line Assembly. We have tried to make the Everything Must Perish song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Through the smoke i see the trees
No one left for us to please
A perfect world where no one dies
Go to heaven with you lies

Wasted and confused
I walk around with a shortened fuse
A fire burns inside my head
Is this living or am i dead?
In my dreams i see the end
A perfect circle never bends
As time and hope erode our gears
I close my eyes for one last tear

Tomorrow may never come
Mountains clash in the sun
The freezing snow starts to melt
A quiet moment to myself
Reflecting somewhere in the past
I hope this feeling will always last
A paradise we stand alone
Forgotten king without a throne
A bird takes flight
Now out of sight
The sun catches its shadow

Above the air there is no despair
We are waiting for the moment

A darkened shadow hides my face
I hope i won't forget this place

This burning sky that we call home
In the end we stand alone
Come alive
Come alive

Front Line Assembly lyrics

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