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Freeway - Tolerated Lyrics

[Hook: Freeway]
I think I tolerated all the haters I can stand
Pop off a slug just to send people a telegram
I think I tolerated all the hate I can stand
Flip-flops and drums, Afghanistan marching band

[Verse 1: Freeway]
I'm from PA state
When we step in the people hate
Cause we floss
We really ball they really can't, heavyweight
We set 'em up and they tip the bank
Just give me a reason I'll come through and make that heater quake
Haters get your block shot up, we get it popping
No battles, we send you shots to your apple we leaving rotten people
People hear about you watching but don't hear about you ?
Cross me send you shots to your noggin it's not a problem
See I world tour just to get money, hit the stu' to get my bank up
That's right ? do it proper, I'm Betty Crocker get my cake up
In the whip with a pretty bitch, fat ass two A cups
I ? my wrists up, that's why they hate us


[Verse 2: Waka Flocka Flame]
Ain't no telling how far I'ma go
I got a karate chopper with me watch how you approach
If you get too close disrespect me do the most
Knife you up, beat you with a lead pipe til you convulse
The results are shocking electric volts
Expect the tactics of a savage, lose your foes
? show up at your crib like a handyman
Tool in hand, hooligan, flipping act a fool again
I pull up on you like a workout, you better pull that work out
Flocka bet ? murk it, alert's out
Rappers pull your skirts out, I swear y'all fake
People cost you your life, well let's raise the stakes


[Verse 3: Freeway]
These haters done pissed me off
These haters done drove me crazy
And these haters don't get lost
I freeze haters with .380s
I seen them haters in Little Haiti and they was calling me Rick Ross
Heard them haters play soccer, better kick rocks like you kick ball
It's Freezer, your highness, your flyness, I'm soaring
In the sky once I remind you these rappers vagina
We were numero uno and these rappers far behind us
They gotta go on an Instagram page to find us

[Bridge: Freeway]
I know y'all fed up
If you fed up
Say "we fed up"
Say "we fed up"
I know y'all fed up
If you fed up
Say "we fed up"
We fed up


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