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Frankmusik - Ephemeral Summer Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Ephemeral Summer lyrics performed by Frankmusik. We have tried to make the Ephemeral Summer song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Shes my experience
I could erase it
I ended up with more questions
Than I started with

She took me to places
That Id never see
Things have gone my way again
Now theyre just a dream

And Ill be her rebound
If shed be my love
I gave in so quickly
Cause I was never enough

I saw her, she was rising
But it wasnt for us
And now Im falling
I can see where I was

Im thinking of England
Yea I think of your smile
And I think how I broke you
In my typical style

Ephemeral summer
Ill miss you the most
Ephemeral summer
Now Ill walk alone

Ephemeral summer
Too close to the sun
There wont be another
I thought you were the one

Invisible summer
But where did you go?
I know its getting better
But times moving slow

And so I wait for the winter
Ill wait til the end
Ephemeral summer
Such a short time you stand

I wont hold on to memories
Forget what I saw
Girl Ill still remember
When you walked through that door

Now the skys burning orange
We fall to the floor
Now I think Ill go join them
But I cant take anymore

Ephemeral summer
Ill miss you the most
My ephemeral summer
Now Ill walk alone

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