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Former Fat Boys - She's Getting Ready Lyrics

locked out once again, i'll freeze
knockin with my tail between my knees
didn't wanna have to, but don't wanna sit
locked out looking homeless in front of my apartment
so i knock knock knock on her door
and then i'm drippin soakin wet on her kitchen floor
been here before, just her and me
and while she's getting ready, i'm watchin TV
and she tosses me a towel from her closet
tells me to dry wet hair
i smile and i nod and she smiles like she cares
but doesn't know, or doesn't let on she knows
that this towels stolen from the hotel where we used go
sweatpants and a t-shirt that used to be mine
what a bitch but she still looks good to me and thats why
i didn't wanna come here, didn't wanna have to be
seeing her live her life where I'm just memory

she’s getting ready I’m not ready to see
she’s getting ready and its not for me

and shes gabbin on her cell phone
talking to her girls, my girls, well they used to be my girls too
funny, not ha ha, but kinda it seems that she's
holding up perfectly no stress at the seems
she pops a bottle of red wine, pours herself a glass
"would you like one?" "no thanks, i'm okay, I'll pass"
I wanted scream yes, why didn't I say that
grab her hold her tell her I wanted her back
i've tried that, not me it was her, she said, sure,
it never is me, too nice, i've heard those words
a million times, last guy beat her up good,
she thinks why I wouldn't if the other one could

breathe out breathe in
i can hear her start the shower, i can hear her get in
i can hear the water runnin
i can picture her there
i can still feel between my fingers
her long wet hair hair
and the water turns off the flashback fades
door opens she flies out steam invades
great, just hangin, twiddle thumbs to an old Friends
thinking bout when we were good like Radiohead at the bends
and i tip tip toe to the back
the bathroom door's been left open a crack
and she's on her phone talking sweetly to her new me
replacement $ucksex couldn't be anything but a groupie
she's got her hair up in towels
she's throwing round clothes
foot on sink shaving her legs close
about to paint her toes
back tattoo of a rose shows
99 problems, 98 are hoes
too much, decide to sit in the rain so I lie
yell from the living room "my roommates home, thanks, bye"
she comes out dressed to the nines
"I'm leaving too, feel free to stop by anytime"

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