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Focus... - Just Don't Know Lyrics

Verse 1:
Am I a rappa? Well, let me ask ya'..
Do you see choppas?
Do I scream fa'get the coppers?
Do I look like Wakka Flocka?
Do I tell the truth or do I try and
Khan you like i'm Chaka? Do you..
see this as an Enterprise
cuz' Kirk I feel like Sulu.
The game's a clean pair of underwear
I been in line like doo-doo.
I swam in tanks wit' sharks
richer than that guy from Fubu.
And yeah my pops has been to me and you
some kinda guru,
Cuz' I've been doing this here
back when Lady Gaga goo-goo'd.
Oh lawd I need the strength to say outloud
what I pray thru you
These cats are frostbitten
cuz' of the scenes they seen on hulu
They're all bloody n brutal
Yall dont study so whats the ramen
inside of yall noodles
I'm inclined to be truthful
I'm designed to bring fuel to everything
Lining ya scruples I am like jimmeny cricket
Hopefully something behooves you
This aint the time to just recline
Every minute is crucial and
It dont matter if you invented it
Old school or new school...


Verse 2:
I blink slower so all the crap that I hafta
Go thru in life goes by quicker
I vowed to use all my talents
Instead of swimming in liquor
And now I'm just not as popular
As the young urban figures
So how do I reach the population
That listens to Jigga
And try to tell them just why
My mama did not raise a quitter
And how my papa provided fa me
my brothers and sistas
They wont dig it cuz this isnt a stick up
Or something stuck up
Like how these rappas be callin' ya'll losers
Cuz ya'll aint luck up
Or how... me and my close associates
Would bring the ruckus around
I have no entourage cuz I dont need no suck ups
If I threw money in the air
Best believe id have to jump up ya clown
I'm grabbin every single dolla 'fore its hittin the ground
Cuz I work hard for it
And I thank God for it
And I refuse to do the things yall do
To show you I'm down
I'm not after a throne or after a crown

Focus... lyrics