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Fes Taylor - Dreaming Lyrics

[Intro: Lon Dini]
Yo, Taylor, man, what the fuck, man?
Let's go in, man
These niggaz don't wanna let us shine, man
What the fuck, man? What the fuck we gon' do, man?
We gotta bogart our win in this bitch, man

[Fes Taylor]
Nights in the corner, roll dice on the corner
Right in front of police on the corner
Sort of wanna change
I caught a case same year frat bought a Range
I wanna escape, face the music
Why you wanna hate on the movement?
Get a Gano-D fake with a pool stick
Fuck with the Ruthless, fuck with the Scramblers
Top Guns, E.S.G. in Vegas gambling
Two 4 artist, Full Moon Management
Keep trying your luck, jumping over candlesticks
Damn, you spit shit, I'm a hustling nigga, expand it quick
Hand me a brick, grams you get, I see you while you handling nicks
Snatch ya beat, I tell Fantom sample it quick
No Nestle, word to Leslie, don't test me
All that tough talk don't impress me
Press me, push buttons, why? Cuz I pushed something fronting
Still ain't nothing, gotta love it
2 Fly still skywalking, stars ready publish song
Break it down on 'em when I hovered

[Interlude: Fes Taylor]
Howl at the wolves...

[R. Kelly (Fes Taylor)]
I was so wrapped up in all of the finer things (Yea, I was caught up)
That I never had the time to show ya what ya meant to me (But I love you hip hop)
Money, cars and ice, blinging off the clothes (And I thank you for that, baby)
I thought that I was hot, until you turned cold
(But why the fuck you fucking with these other niggaz for?)
How could my success go and deceive me?
(Huh? Look what these niggaz doing to the game)
Yet I could turn it all back and all of this would be a dream to me
(I guess I'm just dreaming y'all)
Ohhh ohhh oooh oooh ohhh ohhh ohhh
(I'm slipping out my dreams, you dig? Fuck it! You know...)

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