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Fes Taylor - Jack Tripper Lyrics

[sample: The Shirelles "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"]
Tonight you're mine completely
Tonight you're mine completely
You give you love so sweetly
Tonight, tonight you're mine completely
Tonight you're mine completely
You give you love so sweetly
Tonight the light of love is in your eyes
But will you love me tomorrow?

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
Ladies (ladies) holla at me (holla)
What up shorty? Yeah, I see you
I see you over there looking right (uh-huh)
You need to come polly with the kid though (yeah)
Can't make everything all good, you hear me? (yeah)
Take a ride and shit, hop in, let's spin around
Let's go do something, real quick (uh-huh)
Oh you a.. (check it) what happen?
Aight, check it, it's like this ma, let me, let me tell you

[Fes Taylor]
My playas, mack to this, ice on, flash ya wrist
Ladies looking real good, can't resist
Shorty swing my way, and get it on
Soon as we pull into the driveway, listen
We can get smoked out like Next Friday
Go dip somewhere to a weekend hideaway
One day send you back to work with a smirk
You called me all day from your job, saying your boss a jerk
Love hurt, ma, that's when you know that it's real
For now, just having fun, let me show you the deal
And ma, you so sexy, especially when you in your neglige
Ready for foreplay, I heard her say
"Boy, what you waiting for, get up on it"
Girl, I give it to you, exactly how you want it
The way I feel, if you got it, then flaunt it
I do me, with the talent I was born with, like

[Chorus: Fes Taylor]
Is it the car? Nah, I'm just that nigga
Surrounded by broads, bartender, crack the liquor
Hourglass figure, like 'em a little thicker
Models and strippers, I pull 'em like Jack Tripper

[Interlude w/ sample: Fes Taylor]
Yeah (uh-huh), yeah (only for tonight though) yo
Uh-huh (only for tonight though) yo
Give me your love girl, give it to me girl
Give it to me girl, what they really wanna know is...

[Fes Taylor]
Shorty, come here, let me holla at you
I'm tryin' to put you in the passenger seat and take you to my castle
You looking like a model with an attitude
Put that smile back on your face, ma, you mad at who?
She said her ex-man, he be bugging out
And she just caught him cheating at his second baby mother house
Yeah, let me get the number, no doubt
Holla back girl, I beat the puddy up and make you shout
Burst out, tears of joy, middle of sex
You tense, like you scared of boys who give it the best
Make you wet like young children, who pee the bed
It's like the ultimate feeling, you giving me head
Me holding your waist, give you backshots, blowing your face
Tell me 'what you want' like Total and Mase
Listening to Carl Thomas and Faith, girl I show you a good time
That's the only promise I'll make


[Interlude w/ sample: Fes Taylor]
Uh (yeah) uh-huh (only for tonight though) yeah
Yeah (only for tonight though) yeah
Uh-huh (give to me girl) give it to me girl (give it to me girl)
Give it to me girl, sing to me, sing to me, like

[Fes Taylor]
I'm a smooth dude, see me slide off after the club close
Shorty whispered in my ear that she love the show
I told her, let's go, pull out bed inside the Expo'
Sex and 'dro, don't except dough
Might buy you a pair of presto's, get your hair done
Only if your head game fearsome, come here, hon'
Yo, let me drop a bug in your ear
It's a cold world out there, coogi sheets, ma, it's warm under here
How the song goes? There it goes, your shirt and pants
Before you mention, ain't concerned, with your man
This between me and you, our little secret
Got you creeping out the crib, just so I can beat it
On the late night, hotel suite, digging ya back out
I lay pipe, you screaming 'go deep' until we pass out
You got a fatty, girl, can you make it bounce, girl
For daddy, damn girl, I want you badly


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