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Fes Taylor - Take 'em 2 War (kayslay Hot 97 Promo) Lyrics

[Fes Taylor]
Yo, Kay I ain't come here to play
I 'slay' any MC stand in my way, I fan 'em away
Fes Taylor camera spray, handling case
Hype will damage the stage, down with the daze
Jelly in ya pants, ma, hit my man in the cage
Plan to get paid, leave ya stiff like mannequin's lay
Ode to this Dre, you went way over your head
Realize when soldiers are dead, you spoke to the feds
I smoke to the dead and rise, when they woke, when I read
Like Flex said, this is coke for the head
You can take co-cosignment, get money in co-peds
But if you short one dollar, get thrown off the ledge
Park Hill, where I'm known for the pitch, chrome on my hip
Known for a stick, I throw it like Vick
Now what poet flow it like this? No one exist
Jewels out, showing my wrist, throwing my chips
When she cold walking my shoe, making ya'll but talk to my goons
Wolves running your crib yelling full moon
Staten Island, this is for ya'll, name any rapper I diss 'em for ya'll
You listen, New York, Two 4 War Entertainment, it's more than I came with
To all of us in, to all of us came with
We still crash parties, shoot up video shoots
Hoes feeling my suit, plus I got the milli to coupe
For haters wanna leave me dead like Pac got it
I got shot at, it's real TV, while the block watch it

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