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Fes Taylor - Take 'em Threw It Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
This for my homies, man
Everything gon' be aight
It's looking real good for the future
It's like you know our past, man
You know what we came from, the future is us

[Fes Taylor]
Projects where I grew up, with hard working people
Did it now, while the drug dealers blew up
So I looked up to dudes who was hustling
Seen 'em running from cops, while narcotics rushing in
They schooled me, you can take the block with an uzi
Chicks'll beat you down before getting popped for a hoochie
Sticks, I only try if it's juicy, got 50 pizza's for sale
Two for a buck, like copping a loosie
Rocking the hoop, park that, hop in the Benz
Screamin' 'we got beef', he ain't pop off in the pents
I've been whipped, some went dead ago
Who the fucked up, flow six years ago
Yo, moment of silence when you hear my flow
Now everytime you see me, you like there's my dough
Paid in full, stars like a Raging Bull
When my wolves like portion, men made in wool
Eat you alive, beat you nines if you stunting on
One of my homies, any peoples of mines
If you saw crimes eating you blind, it ain't hard to get at you
Son, if you seek you will find
Me right in the hill posted, or somewhere in Manhattan
With Gil in the roasted toasted
Lord, I'm so focused, I keep all the love
That you give me closest, it's not hopeless
And we the key to success
Everybody leaving the game, we the reason they left...

[Chorus: Fes Taylor]
I'mma take you threw it
I'mma take you threw it
I'mma take you threw it

[Fes Taylor]
Hip hop where I came up, after 10 years
These wack MC's, doing the same stuff
So I looked up to Kane, he was spitting it
Learned it from Kool G. Rap, he was living it
They taught me, you can get money across seas
Back on American land, after we bought V's
Just to get out of jail, I paid the court fees
Remember we co-ps, son, running in 4G
Hit the pad up, while Chuck in lab, bagging up
I beat the c's for hours, til they had enough
Two 4 Oh, only in it to blow
We just kick down the door, couple minutes ago
Yo, moment of silence for my homies deceased
Streets only the streets, if you owning a peace
Hate the Wolves, like Mike gon' hate the Bulls
My comeback, I aim at your face and pull
Hit you with bats or hit you with gats, what you want me to
Spit your a rap, I get you a tab
Give you a rap, stitching you back, now you on the streets
No, you can't go to prison and relax
I'm right here in Park Hill, you can find me at the four buildings
Rolling Bob Marley cigars filled, lord I'm so sorry
But everything we did wrong, so we can do right for our seeds
Give me the key to the city, I sware
Everybody in the struggle, son, I'm freeing the witty

[Chorus to fade]

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