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Fes Taylor - Baby Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Baby lyrics performed by Fes Taylor. We have tried to make the Baby song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Chorus: (sample) Fes Taylor]
(Baby) Why we always gotta argue?
See I was in the studio all night mami
(Baby) Why we always gotta fight
Nah I was with Specs and Prezzy man, you buggin
(Don't have the words to say) It's unnecessary love
Fantom called me and told me to come to the club
Nahmean? He was hostin' the panel for the night and...

[Fes Taylor]
Stop yellin' girl, I'm tellin' you girl, you forever in my world
You like my birthstone, you better than the pearl
My April diamond, May flower, watchin' you bloom
All I need in my life is lots of you
Is it possible everything we had could end?
Bigger obstacles like you don't really want me to win
But girl I got you, how much more time you want me to spend?
Me sittin' in the crib ain't gon' pay for the bids
Think I'm runnin' in the streets? I'm tryin' to bring home somethin' to eat
Greet a thug with a hug when we meet
Instead of "Where you been?", startin' the trouble, wantin' the beef
But everything's peace when we make love under the sheets
We break up, get back together, what a relief
Without you, life in Hell, up late, couldn't sleep
Without you, givin' me love and comfortin' me
Without you, holdin' my hand and huggin' on me

[Chorus 2: (sample) Fes Taylor]
(Baby) Why we always gotta argue?
Relax baby girl, come here, let me massage you
(Baby) Why we always gotta fight?
Spend our time better ways, makin' love all night
(Don't have the words to say) It's unnecessary love
You over there flippin', come here, kisses and hugs
We broke up and you not there wishin' you was
Thinkin', "Damn, life not fair" and menacin' to her

[Fes Taylor]
Girl, all I ever wanted was you, you were my life
Down the aisle walkin' with you, you was my wife
Beautiful, I don't wanna fight and argue
Lovin' you is easy girl, believin' is hard too
Listen love, believe me, you a star too
We could shine together, candlelight, sip wine together
Put you in the best fabrics and finest leathers
Pop rocks on ya hand, ma', diamonds forever
I rhyme so we could do better
Come on, me cheatin' on you with that loser bird? I should've knew better
I love it when you hold me
I hate how we have domestic disputes over somethin' you should've told me
Screamin' and yellin'll turn to passionate moans
My special princess is nothin' like a man havin' his own
Somethin' to cherish, we still could make it to marriage
Ya baby in carriage, girl, I'd be honored if you could have it

[Chorus 2]

[Fes Taylor]
You know I love you, you hold a place dear in my heart
Know you could see it, as if you could stare in my heart
Time sharin' apart girl only brought us closer
When I rhyme you hearin' this dart, you feelin', you supposed to
Really hope you see it for what it is, you my wiz
You is, just say you is, ask who ya man is, just say the kid
I'ma hold it down, you could turn to me when no one else around
Be ya Superman, I came to help you now
You my Damsel in Distress, in ya sandals and ya dress
I wanna sex you 'til ya hair-do is a mess
My black queen, only compare you to the best
Like magazine models do, starin' at a Jet
I don't wanna lose you, girl, I would never abuse you
But sometimes, you don't treat me the way that you used to
I want my Dee Di back, 3-24-99, on the project wall I graffitti that

[Chorus 2]

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