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Feeling Left Out - If You'd Let Me Lyrics

I just brushed my teeth you know what that means
A mouth full of foam and i'm staring at me
I'm singing in your voice I've been practicing
Hoping one day to hear the real thing

And maybe you'd actually stand next to me
Spit on the back of my neck while I'm leaning in the sink
You laugh at me while I kiss your cheek
If you'd let me...

Now we have our plan, you giggled in your hands
You tried to convince me that the sounds in the trees
Footsteps in the woods, monsters up to no good
I'll take first watch if you promise you'll to sleep next to me
So I can learn your face with my hands
Just in case we never meet again
At least I'll have this memory
If you'd let me...
If you'd let me--

Working on the floor upon the jet stick tree fort
you know the one where we live away from everyone else
If were gonna keep them out we should find a taller tree
Move to the top so no one can see
We'll need thicker walls and a permanent guard
Now it's your turn to watch and it's my turn to sleep

Then it hit me, this whole time I've been asleep
And you were never even next to me it was just a dream
So I'll stay asleep and meet you in dreams
If you'd let me

If you'd let me...
If you'd let me....

Feeling Left Out lyrics