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Fc Five - Deep Coma Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Deep Coma lyrics performed by Fc Five. We have tried to make the Deep Coma song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

OK. Let me see a silly smile on your face.
It's getting dark. let's solve this problem.
Too many shackles. So I can't make a single step.
The fog is getting thicker. Need a rest.

Deep night has come. The bright way fade away so far.
It's not an everlasting thing.
Dark forest shut out the warm light. We've in the dark.
So I'll dream in your light.

Now my sight is so good by your light.
It's getting better, now we can make it.
And my head became simple. My heart has changed also.
The fog is lifting. Close to dawn.

Many thoughts cross each other, and deep wounds arise.
Too many deep thoughts and too many shackles.
That drag me in there.

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