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Failed Humanity - The Sound Of Razors Through Flesh Lyrics

Cutting, tearing, rending, slashing
Agony so real
Wrenching me back to consciousness

This life, no life
Existence feels so wretched for me
How can I ever live
All feeling forgotten
All sense of worth crushed - no trace
Such slender hope dead

Bloodshot eyes hide the pain inside
But are screaming, hope dead

Christ I must escape
Escape from here
Such pain, no hope

Despair's vice grip upon my soul
My senses left screaming
The tearing of razors, don't let me die this way
My life has meaning

Stripped down, face down
Left on a stone floor waiting to die
Blood-soaked, defaced
Tormented to the edge of sanity
Fell like a host
Tortured by relentless parasite
Wish for strength to cease my decaying life
Please let that end be soon

Failed Humanity lyrics