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Every Time I Die - The New Black Lyrics

baby, you got me all wrong
and maybe I'm not at all down and out
I'm high and I'm in
don't you know who I am?

I'm the jaded one with pop insensitivity
and when I finish struggling
we can make our way to the dance floor and stand like strangers in an elevator stuck between stories
I always find myself in the middle of your stories

with the camera as a witness I will suffer [x2]

if everything I do is wrong
then by god I'll do it right [x4]

we don't dance, no no no
we got class
no we don't have any fun at all
it's the new style and we know it
we're not stunning
we're just stunned

and we're lying for a living
we're lying for a living[x2]

don't you know who I am?
I'm the real thing with low-key sensibilities
I don't need what I got half as much as everyone covets it

well if loving me is wrong, then god damn you do it right [x2]

it turns us on to turn you down
we're turned on to turn you down

Every Time I Die lyrics

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