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Everon - Half As Bad Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Half As Bad lyrics performed by Everon. We have tried to make the Half As Bad song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I don't love you, and you don't love me
But with no one else right now I'd rather be
For since the day when we first met it seems that
When it rains I only get half as wet

We don't meet much we rather talk on the phone
But you make me feel only half as alone
You're not the girl of my dreams, though I may dream of you
Don't really know what it is, but this much is true:

You're a shade of grey when my world turns blue
In a world of lies you are at least half way true
You don't love me, well, but you kind of like me instead
That's good enough to make me feel only half as bad

Of all second choices you'd be my first
Of all those bad solutions you are not the worst
Amongst these ugly faces yours looks kind of cute
And you have a way to lighten my mood

We haven't got much in common, but that's one thing we share
And we won't call it love when it's just an affair
So while we are both waiting for the right one to come
We may as well wait together until we find the one

You're a shade of grey...

Thanks for making me feel only half as bad

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