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Enter Shikari - Slipshod Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Slipshod lyrics performed by Enter Shikari. We have tried to make the Slipshod song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

"Oi fucks, let's eat 'ere, it looks niiice"

Get me the manager
"Oh dear, what seems to be the problem sir?"

First of all I was greeted with a grimace
Service with a sneer
He don't want to be here

Second of all I was seated by the window
And the draft was a serious inconvenience

There was lipstick on my glass and it wasn't mine
We put our order in - I can't believe the time
This is a shambles, your cook is a heathen
Your carpet is ugly and your veg aint in season

My impatience spread like gravy on a tablecloth
And your head looks like it was carved out of a nut

Rory C, well, tell 'em...
I was waiting in line for 10 whole minutes
This is unacceptable - you're pushing me to my limits!

"Please don't raise your voice in here sir
This is a respected establishment
Im sure we can sort this out quietly, no?"

Oh really? Well that's a great vase you got there
Itd be a real shame if something happened to it...

Slipshod, kick it

Enter Shikari lyrics

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