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Engorged - D'compose Lyrics

Who can it be now?
Knockin' at my door...
Let me tell you a story,
about a violent war!
The most sadistic, most vile-istic
My tongue shall desecrate your ears with no

Words as told by inhumanoids last seen in the
12th century
Creatures of old buried deep in the earth and
even deeper in history

Complancency sparked your worlds decline the
very nature of your psychology
Obliteration shall be fate this time pay the price
for awakening me!
I'm a tyrant from the core and I'm trapped by Magnacore
As escape is something I propose
Unleash the dogs of war to release the ancient
..and cry - you are decomposed!

D'compose! - YOU ARE DECOMPOSED! [x2]

Disease is goin' round,
doesn't make a sound,
Fuck an open wound, sores and boners,
cancer moles
Take a shit give birth
burrow through the Earth
That is what I know - ROCK THE FUCKING

Final page unfolds, legacy of old, planetary
everyday os dark and cold,
Legions of the dead, mountains glowing red.
Metlar was entombed
Fleshslugs wanted live or dead!

Abominations come to terrorize, your nordic
gods are a pack of flies
You call this planet your prison and home,
nowhere to turn
'Cuz you're stripped down to the bone and alone!

You call this planet prison, this prison is your
home [x4]

This marks the end of your world
and the begining of mine....
Until the end of time - You are fucking

Engorged lyrics