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Eliza Neals - Leaving Detroit Lyrics

My inhalers getting low bout to have me an attack
With all these red neck truckers breathin down my back
Gotta break outta here cuz these icy roads are tough
Gotta get out cuz I really had enough

Leavin Detroit once again
20 bucks in my pocket
And a whole lotta sin
Ooh yeah
Leaving Detroit drinkin devils gin
Holdin my babys hand
My luck is runnin thin
Ooh yeah
My luck is run thin

Time to flap my wings and fly
I gotta a good alibi
This time Im gonna bring my dreams to life
That aint no lie
Gotta break outta this town before I lose my mind
Darkness closing in on all these damn traffic lights


I left to make a right
Too much heartache in my life
Same ol thing
Day in and day out
All I wanna do is pout
Barrell of crabs
Pullin me back
Outta here now
Or break the stack
Not fattening no frogs
For no damn snakes
Im leaving Detroit
Make no mistake Make Make no Mistake


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