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Electronic - Time Can Tell Lyrics

You're voice is breaking up
Get off the phone
Come and see me
These times are hard enough
To be alone, I want you with me
And much to my regret
It’s you i can't forget
Tears on your shoulder
Don't look too far
Surrender me my heart
Then come with me

*Will we still be together
In a year from now
Or do we hate each other
We're gonna get through somehow
Has it turned the world
Into a nightmare
Will it be farewell
Only time can tell


You'd make the angels wait
And stop the sun if I let you
What good is two
When its reduced by one
How will you value your love
You'd better save your breathe
Give us both a rest until tomorrow
This second you want me
You know I'll come
You are the one

(*Repeat 3 times)

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