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Eddy Jay - My All Lyrics

"My all"

(Chorus hook)
So if my heart gave up
And my veins spoke up
Cause my lines scaped in
You know I gave my all
I gave all my all, my all
Even my glossary blight at
And this bitches on my flees
Can I put my soul in all I do?
And the can take it
Cause I gave it
All my all

Young Eddy Jay
I put my soul in
Fuck, even if they hate on me
I know the game well,
Its more crazy than you thought
Un-fucking-believable Lil' Eddy Jay the President
I'm hating on em
Bitch call me young Eddy Jay
It's obvious that he will be the king till the end of him
The ground shall break when they bury me
I know one day the gotta bury me
Nigga, it's just me and my music,
I'm heavy as you thought
Bitch I think your full of shit
I take your life for speaking to me
Yes, I'm the best, I ain't positive, I'm definite
I know the game well
I am the god, and this is what I bless 'em with
Money talks homie
Whatever money takes me Im there
Dont speak when you see me
If is about dollar see me straightening in my collar
Lookin good for the womans
I know money loves me but money is on my mind

(Chorus Hook)

It's Unit boiz over everything
I feel it in my blood a approaching in my veins
I'm from the unit crew, I am missile like a sky
Shout to my fuckin nigga Snoopy G
To you, I shall forever give you thanks like a pilgrim
Unit boiz, over everything, we so flying
Sitting by the window looking at the storm
Knowing that I'll make it through like fresh air
Eddy Jay over money bitch, my niggas trust my senses
kill em all at same time
So keep your mouth closed and let your eyes listen
I know it ain't fair, but I don't care.
Sleeping with president cause Im affect with hoes
I never trust a bitch in my life everyday Im doing same shit
I shall always bless em with this money bitch
Yeah Young Eddy Jay

(Chorus Hook)

You know I aint positive Im definite
Sleeping on a nigga like I'm rapping in my cash
I'm rapping when you sleep, I was rapping when you were in hell
I'ma monster I tell you, Ima Monster Jay
Fuck with me I will peel you like hoes
Lets go nigga the wont see me cause I'm better than em
The only time I was shitting is when I was 100 years old
Thats when I couldnt defend myself,
Cause I'm so sick and tired of shitting on em lames
I'm tryna tell you, like I'm saying something
I'm from the UB Crew
Im holding to it but I cant feel it
So I bring my spaceship in the earth
I heard em sayin the wanna burry me
The ground shall break
I Thank god for giving this to me
And Im proud to be a rapper man
Young eddy jay, Im so crazy to be me
So the shall bury me alive, bury me alive
Money on my heart

(Chorus Hook)

The ground was me
And death was her sister
The know who I be
Even if the stop me

Young Eddy Jay

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