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Ed Sanders - Pindars Revenge Lyrics

Water is the greatest thing

I know that the sun rising
Is a temporary thing,
That the sun obtuse on clouds
At 30 thousand feet from the
Airline windows is an
Equal particle, that
Ra is a shard, an
Ostracon from a forbidden
Cycle of the acons.
Nor god nor pulsing phantom forever
But that I live at the mansion of earth
For 80 years in the warmth,
The children off to space,
The chickens still crowing
At sunup, but our
Hearts beat lugubrium lugubrium lugubrium
At Ras pink-fingered sinking

42 billion years
Then zap
Then 42
We are caught

The meat chain
Born of the prostate,
Born of the
Cusping egg-
Caught, ended,
Slashed. We are
Led by the calf
To the thin
To be slaughtered in droves
Driven into the eyes and
Slashings of the manglers,
That little drama,
No matter,

we are now
In the

IT lives.
Enormous breathings
& compressions

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