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Eastwick - G's up (remix) ft. Jamonte Lyrics

East/ G's up for life,
Yea my nigga you heard right.
Yea, Im rockin my dickes dress,
G's just dress to impress.
I'm chillin wit Jamonte,
laid back blowin on some haze.
I gotta get paid,
Cuz ima live for today.
Im posted up wit my G stance,
And my G man.
Cakin it on da block,
Nigga it's 50 for a rock.
Just rollin on all these tricks,
Yo jamonte tell em what it is.

G's up niggas,
Hoes down,
If ya bitch cant swim she gone drown.x2

[jamonte] im on the block hustling all the time.3 piont hot guns i blow with the the
grime.i stay with my nine i take yo shine thats what i thought i mean with mine.we
pop you up like shocks roll by yo block shelling dropping rocks.stay with glocks
.gus long touch my socks.gus come up glide with me.get yo nines who gone with me.i
drop a clip ride by the diplomats saying wheres my honey dip.[ha ha]im a beast take
you to a feast forget you south nigias we from the north east.aint no way you
beating im gone start clipping .if you fagets start tripping.dont
let me catch you slipping.

G's up niggas,
hoes down,
if ya bitch cant swim she gone drown.x2

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