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Dru Hill - I Should Be Lyrics

Versre 1:
Lies, and decit
I know,u feel this with your man,
cause when there,all I see,
is cryin

Chrous 1:
I should be your boyfriend (I should be your boyfriend)
Cause you know he's lyin (cause you know he's lyin)
It might seems like I'm hatin
But girl I'm just relatin

Chrous 2:
Step one,walk through that door
Step two,tell him he's not like he was before,you don't love him anymore
Now three,come to me
Step four I'll love you more
You will see how lovu should be,but there's four steps to complete

Verse 2:
There was a time
When he tried to be the one who would
Give you all you deserved,but now he's not tryin

Repeat chrous 1 1x

Repeat chrous 2 1x

Bridge :
Your what I'm lookin for
Our love would mean much more
Then what he's given you
But you must let him know that you can't take no more
Replace him with me.
Someone who knows how to show their feelings
To someone who deserves them (Someone who deserves them)
If you can't figure out
Got it all mapped out
Baby, just take step one

Dru Hill lyrics

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