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Drenco - Baby Gal ft. Cashino Ndt Lyrics

Na you I dey find oh
Any how wey you like
make you wind dey go
oh oh
And I like your behind
Omo come to my side
make we fly dey go oh
I no fit deny ohhhh
Omo you too fine o oh
you dey make me dey
dey make me dey
dey make me dey
scatter oh oh

Baby gal I mana igbu go
m oo
this thing wey you
carry, o gugbu m oo eh
Baby gal I mana igbu go
m oo
igbu go m oo, igbu go m
oo eh
Baby gal I mana igbu go
m oo
this thing wey you
carry, o gugbu m oo eh
Baby gal I mana igbu go
m oo
kedu ife m ga eme eh
kedu ife m ga eme eh

This baby na one of a
kind man
she dey make my face
dey shine man
I want to dey press
rewind man
anytime I see her e dey
be like sign man
I no fit explain the link
uh wait make I think
I remember sey she like
my style man
no wonder she dey give
me the smile man
omoge show me the
make I kuku hold the
you know sey I dey feel
the sumthin
the thing wey you
omo no be small thing
I no fit shout at all
this one e fine e tall
I know sey if I give am
my all man
man she go play me like
ball man


Omo e le o ti lo wa ju
Cashino pleased to
ya, mamacita
fine gal for lagos, NDT
I'll make you famous
no dey dull, ba mi so
I no dey stall
oya make we yarn now
admire from afar
nah su mo bi ki a lo ra
oti ni bar
you know my steeze,
Halima you a 100
ha any time I tie the
knot, sho mo
Mi o se re, I give it all I
got, Big boy with big
exchanging rings, not
that small boy talk
about the bling bling
you dealing with a king,
its a beautiful thing
in you its everything
Gba ooo mo ti lo la un
da un ife e
Ma fi sha un Iyawo
Forever starts today
Cashino NDT baby
swagger my word play.


Baby girl come close to
my Honda
I like to have your
name and your number
you dey make my head
dey ponder
e be like sey na you go
cure my hunger
the way you dey carry
your self
when you entered the
club omo guys dey melt
some still no believe
wetin them eyes dey
but this babe bakar na
seventeen, eighteen,
nineteen man
this kind baby go be
nineteen man
wetin be your age? am
nineteen man
but I swear she no look
like pikin man
the way she dey wind
be like sixteen man
body so erotic lookin so
cream man uh
I wanna take her to
top of the globe
so baby girl tell me now
is you ready to roll?
Omoge I dey feel your
the thing wey you dey
do you dey make me
dey maga
omoge I dey feel your
come to my place make
I pump your bakar


eh kedu ife m ga eme
omo you don jazz me
this thing wey you
carry I say you don
me eh eh
I no fit shout oh
me I, no fit shoute oo
Drenco....Cashino...lets go

[echo til fade]

Drenco lyrics