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Drapetomania - Way Of The Future Lyrics

Yo it's W-A-L-T the E-R
But these rappers are way more paid than we are
They ain't in the bar, pulling skeezars
Off a Lee Card, ______ going full retard
Gotta stop eating these freaks sweet parts
I'ma get that jaw HPV like Roger Ebart
You and W-I-F-E are di-vorced
She's a star on the Big Walt version of "Cheaters"
Girls breathe hard, I step out the car
Fucking sweet parts since Cousin Skeeter
If you go to Michigan State
You can see me getting lifted and I'm lifting some weights
Politicking with this chicken about Finnegan's Wake
Cuz I'm trying to put this dick in her face (Ugh)
I make it glassy clear
I'll leave a porch light on for your rap career, bitch

[Blackberry Aries]
My whole style is premeditated homicide
I'm finna kill this beat in the summertime
Looking back on when I say that, I never hesitated
And the stakes were elevated when I added Yellow #5
The haters levitated when AnomaLEE authorized the sanction
And so I thank him as I analyze myself and the runners of this rat race
Who sack chase
They only know how to simply and act fake
in the face of real talent
It's easy to see your off balance and you lack taste
I choose to fortify while you lactate in your cereal
You fucking with a serial killer
With imperial status, that of a spiritual assassin
I'm laughing at how you reiterate, all you do is irritate
So now I gotta reciprocate
With some 16 that can keep your eyes up
Hip Hop is dried up, and its time for me to irrigate

I be the Cheeba-Chimney White Man, African necklace
With a slight tan, eating fried rappers for breakfast
Seen plenty sights stand in the path of my exit
Seems funny knives ask how I laugh, when i'm headless
Neck & guillotine, dreaded Philistine: stoned to death
Pull the flesh out of my open chest to hold my breath
Cough....Silly Putty heads be soft
Premature fetuses, crushed into lumpy spaghetti sauce
Mufuckas ready to toss vegetables off of a bridge
No life support, life is short. Better call up your kids
Keep the bond strong
While you were analyzing pop songs
I popped up, dropped nuts in your mom's bucket of popcorn
Stopped short of impregnation, spread cum on her tits
So she won't abort another lame son of a bitch
What the....fuck is this shit, I'm disrespectful as hell
Cannibal Holocaust _____ tortoise intestines and shells
The rest of you sell your selves but I ain't buying the hoax
We shove cassettes inside your throat, spinning like bicycle spokes
Rewind remote clickers and listen to you vinyl-ly choke

I'm running circles around these square pegs
Rocking rare threads, getting Bad Brains from some airheads
The latter part of that last line was fake as shit
I'm a grown ass man in a relationship
The super senior swag surfing at the student center
Freshmen yelling at me, "You ain't graduated sooner, nigga?"
2% of you contenders truly making music better
As for everybody else, I'll eat your crew for dinner
My quota for quotables is high like an overdose on the Holy Ghost
Or Jaocby's chances of getting pulled over in Okemos
So don't provoke or get your dough revoked
Dick game Pinocchio
The more that you lie on it, the more it grow
Oh fasho
Hold the phone
Somebody's where they don't belong
Better kiss the ring, I'm Godfather Don Corleone
Dropping a deuce in your Babj ghanoush
Serve it with Wonton Soup & a shot of the Goose
The proof is in the Cosby pudding
A lot of stupid motherfuckers wanna step inside a booth
But they probably shouldn't
I separate the wheat from the chaff
Like you separate the stems and the seeds from the grass

Drapetomania lyrics