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Dondria - Love Affair ft. Broadway Lyrics

(talking on the phone)
Verse1 (broadway): I know about these things your friends be telling you that. I'm cheating under the sheets with another girl. I can see that you wanna draw your own conclusions and automatically assuming I'm with another woman. So tell me tell me what you wanna do about this do you wanna quit. Do you wanna keep it moving. Do you really wanna make the wrong decision. In the long run it's gonna be my love that your missing. Why you gotta tell all of your friends about our business when the only one you should be talking to is your man. So just let me know how you want this to happen. could it be, you and me. Which way Do we go from here.

Chorus: don't believe everything you hear through the grape vines. Listening to this he say shhhhhh wasting my time I can't take it. I'll just erase it (I'll just erase it) and this is crazy girl (this is crazy) I'll never do that to you.2x

Verse2(dondria): I hear everything you saying and I wanna believe you baby and just let it all gooooo. But just put yourself in my shoes for a second and understand why I should goooo. Because my friends they keep on telling me your cheating. They said they saw you at the movies with Janine. And don't forget about the time you came in the room. At 4 in the morning smelling like women's perfume. Oooh one time I saw some lipstick on your shirt I didn't say a word but I knew you wasn't coming from work. So you mean to sit here and tell me that your being faithful. I been playing stupid too long, and I'm not taking no more.

Chorus: I can't take it no more, feel like walking out the door you don't seem to understand what it's like to think your man is cheating on you late at night when he should be by your side( thought it was just you and me oooh) thought it was just you and me, are you lying to me cause something don't feel right.2x(you don't understand what it's like to think somebody's sleeping with your man nooo).



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