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Donald Lawrence - Cover Me Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Cover Me lyrics performed by Donald Lawrence. We have tried to make the Cover Me song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

You Covered Me

I could've lost my mind, wanted to give up so many times,
but God was my anchor, a consisted way maker
Hez I'm grateful God covered me (Go on and sing the song pastor)

Well the enemy came against me; attack my body and my ministry (You call me a lie)
but what God ordains he will maintain
I'm grateful he covered me

(Come everybody let's sing the Song)
You covered me
Hand of protection all around
If not for your grace and your mercy, Thank you Lord you covered me

Repeat Verses 1 & 2

I failed so many times, but loves is so divine
You took this soul of mine and restore me.

Choir Repeat 1

(Talking Part
Oh God we thank you for your coving grace
We thank you for your coving us
We thank you for your hand of protection all around us
We know that when the enemy comes in like a flood, you'll lift up a standard
No weapon formed against me us shall ever, ever prospers.

Come Pastor let do this together (Choir Verse)
you cover me hands of protection around me your grace and mery covered me

Choir Repeat (5x)

You covered me
repeat 4x

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