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Dj Drama - Quality Street Music 2 Intro Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Drama]
I heard somebody say
"Dram where you been at?"
Are you even paying attention to the game?
My DNA's everywhere
Tune, please remind these niggas

[Verse: Lil Wayne]
Sip more, care less, bare chest tattoos
Big chain, fat jewels, coupe on Shaq shoes
That dude bad news, Rob hi-jack cool
Black heart, black tool
Crack on that spoon, crack on that spoon
Backbone don't bend, them shoot at Tune
That boy don't flinch
I don't shoot back, I pay for that hit
And wait for that call that say we caught that fish
Homeboy got life, slap on that wrist
We gotta start putting price tags on them bricks
Kidnap wifey, gets facts from that bitch
My bitch hyphy, relax on that dick
Shake hands with killers, break bread with homies
Not with these hoes, that's a threat not a warning
I'm a pimp under pressure, got the Smith and the Wesson
Got the A and the K, tell them niggas to spell it
I'm the shit in the urine, smell and whiff and inhale it
Quick to snapping and flashing, get that picture developed
I'll cut your head off and wear it, I'll break your legs, get to steppin'
She suck the red off a cherry, bandana red, bloody mary
I smoke a blunt in the morning, I smoke a blunt after that
I give some bread to my homies, I don't want none of it back
I wear the crown when I sleep, I wear the crown when I fuck
I tear it down when i fuck, I read the Bible at one
I played the hand that was dealt, I got a deck full of Aces
I gave birth to your style, I need a check for my labor
I need a TEC with a laser for them hecklers and haters
I ain't sure about heaven, I need a recommendation
Yeah incarceration with molestors and rapers
Late at night in they cell, hear them confess in they prayers
I'm a professional player, intellectual, player
It's about to turn to piece for them testicle weighers
Undetectable sprayers make a mess like some crayons
Dead man can't talk, and to hell with a seance
Be expecting the chaos, be expecting the chaos
Young Money motherfucker, we expect you to pay us
(I'm gone)
[Outro: DJ Drama]
Depending on how I'm feeling, this might be the last I tell you this shit man. it's about the quality, it's about the streets, most importantly, it's about the music. DJ Drama. Volume two. Haha, oh yeah, I'm still here. Don't you ever forget it, suckers.

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