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Dilated Peoples - Times Squared Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Times Squared lyrics performed by Dilated Peoples. We have tried to make the Times Squared song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Yeah... ladies and gentlemen! (WHAT?)
Front to back, side to side
All my peoples.. we live!

[Rakaa Iriscience]
Let me explain it, it's always right now, ain't it?
Graphic like a picture's worth a thousand words painted
Is watchin it pass by their pasttime?
Or push the fast lane 'til they flatline sayin it {*beep*}
They say that it flies, but daily get to the touch
You can repel it with a fingertip brush
Plus the long way usually starts with trying to take shortcuts
Chase 'til it runs, blindsided, brace for the rush
Wipe your feet before you walk through the door, watch your step
when your bridges burning, look at what these kids are learning
Cattle works the farm, what way's a sheep burden?
Orbit in the axis, tables keep turning
The world keeps spinnin, you're born runnin out of minutes
Shadow puppets on a sun dial, polymath out of limits
da Vinci pen it, Renaissance Man better livin
Better get it before "later" becomes "never did it"

[Chorus: cuts and scratches by DJ Babu]
"We keep gettin while the gettin is good" <- M1
"With no spare time, forever's make records and jewels" <- Roc Marciano
"We got the seeds of time, y'all!"
"It's now or never"

Am I, left behind or just the only to stay?
Once it's gone, it's impossible to find your way ("Let me try to explain it..")
You can have it all but can't collect it at once
What you want you use the worst and that's a curse on all fronts
More than these stunts than increasing the speed
Like the days teach much to what minutes didn't heed
Marathon, what the fuck is your lead? We ain't racing
That's you ahead of the beat, Pete, you being too impatient
I check my placement before I board
Let the odds even up before we settle the score
The word is out: we got war on the memory thief
I heard about a long life where the ending is brief
Known for healing, known for killing
The same reason I know there's no ceiling
The future is uncertain but the day is always near
So we tearing down these curtains when they try to interfere and it's time


[Outro: DJ Babu cuts and scratches]
"Let me explain it, it's always right now, ain't it?"
"Man let me try to explain it, it ain't deep!"
"You can have it all but can't collect it at once"
"Man let me try to explain this thang to you man!"
"Better get it before 'later' becomes 'never did it"'

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