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Diabolicum - Into The Dementia Lyrics

I fall into the halls of dementia
Through the bleak netherworlds
Of the subconscious sea
Towards the earth of darkness
Far beyond where the illusions blind me
I drink the wine of hatred
Strengthen myself with misanthropic pride
And from the realm where
Our (warrior) father dwell
I shall return to this world with hell

The Seth apep chant
I am the god of vengance
I am the blood of nun
I am the breed of the blackest flame
I am the reaper's blade
I am the world reaper
I am the death of Ra
I am the endless chaos
I am the soul of hate

In frantic ecstasy - the zenith of death
Free from flesh, evil eternal
Floating in a liquid that bleeds
From thy mark
Branded in flesh, in soul and in heart

Diabolicum lyrics