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Deysean - No Time Lyrics

Below you can find the popular No Time lyrics performed by Deysean. We have tried to make the No Time song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Feat. Swateezy

[Deysean - Chorus]
She say she down for me, she said she want to ride for me
But I don't have the time, I told her I stay on my grind(2x)
She she down for me, she say she want to ride for me
But I don't have the time, I told her I stay on my grind

Making moves on the block like a post do
Doin shit I ain't sposed to
Oh that's your bitch that I spoke to?
You a joke fool, she gave me head like a scope do
*pow pow* on point like a conehead
With a bitch thicker then cornbread
Thoroughbred she was born red
Faded like LeBrons hair, but bitch you know we ball
It's money over hoes but put my team overall
Like jeans with a strap, leaned in the back
Blowin weed from overseas, couple G's in the bag
Spit hard like I sneezed in the back seat of a jeep
That hit the gas that was speeding real fast
Then we puff puff, ash, pass
Shotgun with a bad bitch bare ass
She call me daddy and tell me she like it fast
I'm in the cut, deep in the cut like a gash
I smash, then dash
I ain't tryna stay the night, I ain't lying it was tight
But it's time to catch this flight


First off let me say,
The head was great,
Pounded that pussy good,
I do it, fornicate
Dunk in the legs wide like Jordan mid-flight
Should've recorded it, next time I just might
But back to business, she a bad 'B' and my pants a nest
She Elementary bad so I paddled it
Tried to tie me up but I ain't aglet, I mean havin it.
I'm a monster when it comes to hurtin feelings
My heart cold, I keep refrigeration
Playin hoes like a game system, ain't nuthin changed ain't shit different
She turned me on an enjoyed the stick, she low on energy I plug her in
I tell her all the time, no strings are good
She gets upset then heads on to the room
I'm a muthafuckin G, I play her in stations too
Next thing you know? I'm bussin like L2


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