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Devourment - Postmortal Coprophagia Lyrics

Claiming my next victim for a filthy feast
Nauseating hunger for human feces
These lesion ridden cunts mean nothing to me
But their bowels possess the key to my nourishment
Unhealthy hunger escalating from the stench fortified fudge packed full of
Sexually abusing nursing home patients as they shit themselves I gorge on
the caustic mess
Violently consuming shit

Pulverizing my fist in your fuckin' face
Postmortally I feast on the wastes of the fuckin' elderly
Crusty fuckin' filthy beings, consuming their contaminants
undying love for the blackened fluids of stiffs boiling blood and brains of
my victims bleed.

Necrocopromaniac, pestilential being
The sight of feces rockets me into a fuckin' frenzy
Haemorrhoidal veins rupture slick secretions
upon my tongue, sanguinary analingus
sucking on their cunts till they burst
How I love it when they bleed on me
Fist fucking diseased anal cavities
plunging blades into their skin till they've died
skin desclamates and slips right the fuck off of your bones
feeling no regard for the lives of these handicapped fucks
these hundred year old pigs produce my reward, their bodily wastes
Killing is what keeps me sane
so I think ill just rip your fucking head clean off
I kill motherfuckers everyday
let these hordes of dead fucks unite
To mutilate the human species,
I take pride in killing nothing will ever stop me
from fucking murdering upheaving these human stockpiles of brown sediment
extremely aroused by the sight of fucking pain masturbating feverishly to
the rhythm of their prayers
cumming on their infected bed sores
rectally bleeding I sodomize the elderly
spewing rapidly a bed pan bon-appetite
despoiling, despoilment
raping these elderly pieces of shit
while slobbering sewage how sweet it is
toothless and sick swallowing cum
my blistering pecker seeps

plunging my vile uncircumcised dick enter the Alzheimer's wound
now my dicks wrapped with disease what the fuck???
my cock now bleeds haemorrhaging,
blood drips on my feet sticking to your encrusted sheets wallowing in pools
of steaming shit
inhaling the stench of filthiness bleed for me terrorizing me
the elderly have turned against me slowly they creep to me
like filthy zombies old bitches sliding sewing needles in my dick
scraping at my bowels
smearing shit on their dirty clits chewing on my filthy meat within
lacerating every inch of my flesh
bleeding slow, my body bloats
pulverizing their fists in my fuckin' face.

Devourment lyrics