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Destiny's Child - T-shirt Lyrics

Hey baby I wish you could see what I have on right now You so sexy I'm imagining how
how intense it would be to hold me right now my songs playin

At nite when you're fallin out alone I feel the fabric from your t-shirt flowin
through my thighs I can still hear your barritone in my ear tellin me to you'll take
it slow and I was in the mirror playin round cause you weren't here I couldn't turn
me on so I fell asleep wit the music on woke-up again hearin the same the old song
[uhh] give it to me deeper
[uhh] your givin me the fever
[uhh] now you got my feet up this one is a keeper now the second verse is playin
[uhh] only tryin to stand up
[uhh] hold me while my handz up
[uhh] when the music gets off and I see some shit I'm thinkin to myself again
When you're not here I sleep in your t-shirt
I wish you were here to take off your t-shirt
And though we make love I sleep in your t-shirt wake up in your t-shirt to smell the
scent of your cologne
No need to fear I sleep in your t-shirt
I need to heal so take off your t-shirt and though we make love I sleep in your
t-shirt wake-up in your t-shirt to smellthe scent of your cologne
Out side I hear the rain on my window pane hold up a minute I thought I heard your
name my mind playin tricks on me again I hear knocks at the door is that my baby boy
so I had to face reality looked at the clock and it says 4:03 at nite you'll be
ariving on a plane and we'll be makin love and hearin this song again
Ooh boy I been waitin now my body's shakin your so sweet baby please take it easy
look at your face and you got heart racin your so sweet baby please take it easy
Keep it right there oh wait wait yeah keep it right there you drivin me crazy

Destiny's Child lyrics

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