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Denard Dapoet - Life Is A Carrousel Lyrics


Nightmares of the broke and shameless to the rich and the famous
On this heartless journey never thought to turn back like I'm brainless
Living in a glass house far from stainless
Still I throw stones hoping they throw them back so I can break free from
Where all the pain gets
Internalized and turned to motivation
As I faithfully keep my composure so I don't grow impatient
Cuz bottled up is all this vintage shit that I spit
I formulate these 16s and then I rock advance arithmetic
On some different shit slow or with a fast fury
Put these mics to sleep forever like I'm Conrad Murray
Not to be insensitive
But if you talk to a few of the women from my past they prolly tell that's
How vincent is
As they throw fits again
It's just I'm a circle with a higher perimeter than the box they be tryna
Fit me in
It didn't shape out couldn't deliver like take out
So I got pro active cuz I knew I had to break out

Sometimes it's lonely tryna make it on your own route
Making schemes chasing dreams establishing your own clout
And if you like me then our paths are parallel
Until it's perpendicular... life is like a carousel

GOing round n round it's all a cycle
Pardon my French but I tower over these muphukas like the Eiffel
Tryna undercut me thinkin they will overshadow
And you will find out quick I'm a lot sharper than them other older arrows
I'm what ejected from that smokin barrel
And when it's all done u gonna have to approach me how u approach a
As I spray paint my lyrics all in hieroglyphics
Just to show the district I am different and highly gifted
And here for u real cordial and appear mortal
Until these words start transcending through your ear portals
Into your mental dimension scripting my visions and vivid depictions in
Each limitless sentence
My religion is just to be Gods religious apprentice
And he just put me in charge of the hip hop and lyric division
Yeah imagine that now imagine this
Whens it's all done they gonna think I did a magic trick


Feelin like an angel trapped in hell that was forced to survive
Been part of somethings I should regret but we all still alive
Witness some things datll change ya good heart into stone
And did some things datll make you feel like you lost part of ya soul
Far from the baddest apple still I set some bad examples
Had somes issues had to tackle praying at the tabernacle
Hope God forgive me for doing things that I thought I had to
And chapter 5 verse 10 is really true in saint Matthew
In power they put fool so most the time the good lose
You still can reach your heaven tho the world is just a foot stool
We was good dudes corrupted by a cruel planet
Cuz in it... survival of the fittest are the rules planted
So I'd be damned if I don't give it all that I got
Even if it turns out the ones against us the ones callin the shots
I know fighting the devil with fire is part of his ultimate plot
So do I take it if I get the ultimate shot... I guess we'll see...

Denard Dapoet lyrics