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Defleshed - Ma Belle Scalpelle Lyrics

I taught Gabrielle about ma belle scalpelle

I used ma belle scalpelle on my sweet Gabrielle, buried in her flesh,
funny how it cuts through sinews, veins and stuff, even smaller bones

I tied her with wet leatherbands around her head the arms and legs
While they dried they also shrank, so she cried but later also died

Then when the skull was cracked I could save the brain intact, for a rainy day
Her eyes were beautiful which I up her cunt and tight rectum

I picked up ma belle, sliced parallelles
Her skin could then be seen as beautiful patterns

Scotches through the skin, can you feel the groove ?

With ma belle scalpelle I simply cut and sliced her well around the fontanell
Then I looked and laught, a eye-sinew out her cunt like a used tampoon

My friend work at the morgue and he's so bored
to see all these self-deceased bodies
This was my small gift so he will cheer up
Next time I see him he'll talk for hours...

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