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Debbie Sims - Each Morning Is A Fine New Creation Lyrics

The Master Artist of the world
His azure canvas has unfurled
And splashed true, summer colors there,
Produced a rainbow painting rare -
A fragile arc of wondrous span -
Bright covenant of God with man.

Each morning is a fine new creation-
A fresh canvas on which to paint my day.
Help me look upward for inspiration.
Master Artist, guide my plans, I pray.
Together we can color the pictures
And create something beautiful,
So we can call it a magnificent love masterpiece,
'Cause we must recognize
That a picture perfect painting is a lovely work of art
And each morning is a fine new creation.

It's awesome splendor stretches wide
To hold a kneeling world inside
That made the sky and sea and land,
Yet watches over creatures small -
Each tiny sparrow that may fall.
The colors fade from sight below,
Yet in the heart they leave their glow.

Repeat Chorus

May I begin my work with grateful praise,
Apply my brush with fervent prayer,
My hand held by Your steady hand, Lord,
Warm colors spread with loving care.
Though I may paint no masterpiece,
The art that's wrought is Yours and mine.
I humbly ask, "Help me erase My willful flaws in our design."
Remember Vincent Van Gogh was a famous painter of Dutch;
He painted pictures of wheatfields,
Sunflowers and more with the Master's Touch.

Repeat Chorus

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