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Death By Stereo - A Day In The Sun Lyrics

a life without fun is what i do not know,
a life on the run is what i have to show,
a day in the sun is what i wish for now,
a day in your arms is what i long for how.

you cant go back, no you cant go back in time,
i cant show you, cant show you my life,
well, ill tell you, yeah, ill tell you a time
when i was king, when i felt i was dying,

one more day to change my ways,
one more day to fight the pain,
one more day to make the grade,
i wont live my life in vain,
one more day to touch your face,
one more day to state my case,
one more day would be so dear,
one more day to kill my fear,
one more day to touch the sun,
you and me we are the ones,
if i could change the face of time,
i wouldnt make it rewind,
keep on pushing for today,
one more day so we can play,
let me know that its ok,
let me know that your ok,

from the day that i was born,
i never knew much scorn,
until he opened up my eyes,
showed me the truth inside the lies,
it was a time when i was feared,
a time i was revered,
there was a path i could not walk,
a language i could not talk,
the voices i could not hear,
the fists they reigned so clear,
ill try again tomorrow,
blink your eyes ill disappear,


Death By Stereo lyrics