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Death And The Lament - Fallen Lyrics

Desperation, through your eyes I'm overcome
True divine belongers don't hold their weight in gold
Truth defined, blasted lovers are supposed
But we were wrong

Disillusioned, embrace my display through mere design
To the onset of the twilight, distant escapades of drear
Fall like vines onto dead soil
In the harmony conjoined, rested there our souls adhere

We belong to the fallen sands
The blood of the martyred souls basked in day
Send a line to the world and when you hear the sound
You'll know you've found yourself the way

Under the stars I waited while you plunged into the future all alone
Past exhaustion can I further myself above?
This affair has turned to vapor, there and gone
This intoxicating evening weeps along

Death And The Lament lyrics

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