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Dayron - Sleepy Head Lyrics

UH, fuck that, Im so irrational,
You lil niggas lower cased Im all about my capitol,
You could ball hog shorty, she aint even passable,
You niggas just rap music, my shit type classical,
Got a million problems, which means you got a million and one,
If I aint a one of one, boy Im second to none,
If I aint a God, then Im 2nd to Nuns,
I track and field tracks, and I lead the run,
Keep up, hot boy girls freeze up,
Guy too fly, you niggas get your breeze up,
Mile Heights in the building nigga sorry your lease up,
My niggas straight, will never ever crease up,
M-H-C gon feast up, you niggas starve out,
Dig in that pussy, baby you gets carved out,
Then she gets the punt, sorry baby you get kicked out,
You lil niggas not fly, fuck around get plucked out,
And I always hit, never struck out,
Call Lsz tell him bring the truck out, pick up bitches with their butts out,
In the back seat hit her back seat then nut out,
Dont worry what happened mind your business, but out,
I dont know what it is but I always bring the sluts out,
Swear the swag is a gift, still get cursed out,
Outfit so sick bring the nurse out,
If that aint a real Birkin bag dont dare bring that purse out,
Either way, kill the club scene bring the Hurst out,
Since we killing tell the waitress to bring the Rose out,
Champagne for AV, Ill take the Henny,
Ima piss for days, were drinking plenty,
IMack then I take shorty to the iPad,
Im stupid drunk this the best sex Ive had,
Ima probably need a new bed end it off with shorty
Drooling on me giving me sleepy head. Uh.


UH And were all sleepy heads we keep chasing these dreams,
Ima keep running drills with my team, M-H-C,
How ironic our dreams are what keep us awake,
But I wont sleep til my fams at my wake, uh,
The meek shall inherit, so Im a Dream Chaser,
I just follow my heart like a pacer,
You boys sleeping on me are in for a rude awakening,
Im bringing hell on earth, no forsaking,
Millionaires in the making its just a long process,
Just wish there was a short cut out the nonsense,
I gotta get to it quicker,
Chasing these fat asses are getting my pockets slimmer,
I keep chasing the glimmer, I just wanna shine,
But bills wont let me be great neither will time,
This life is a nightmare, shit is deep,
Sleepy heads, dreams wont let me sleep,
Dreams wont let me sleep

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