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Dawn Of Oblivion - The Suffocated Ground Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Suffocated Ground lyrics performed by Dawn Of Oblivion. We have tried to make the The Suffocated Ground song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Taken away, does freedom exist?
Taken to Hades by the Iron Duke's fist
Children are dying, women are mourning
The truth is in jail, ravaged and torn
The night was so cold
No fire, no guns so they told
Well I thought the revolution was over
A hypocrite with war to cover

Kissing away to war
Cover their hate with love
Driven away in blood
The truth is drowning in lies
In the suffocated ground

No, they should have known
Not to play with the people that own
Who gave the right to make that suffer
He's got it now, the awarded assassin
Yesterday a whole worlds hero
But tomorrow the ground was too low
The want to grow up, not to blow up

Now get him! lies...
Use your experience
Your common sense
They want to breathe
So pack your lies and leave

...As we marched away to war
We kissed the ground of ancient lands...

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