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Dawg Life - Sport Fly Lyrics

(I sport fly shit I should win a Espy) sample

[Verse 1 - Tonn Deep]
I'm a cocaine Cowboy Michael Irvin 95
When I push the whip I'm like Dale Earnhardt when I drive
Cuz I'm in the fast lane fast hoes fast cash lames always come last
I'm smokin Keish I puff puff but I seldom pass
Hittin harder than Mayweather with some Everlast gloves
Pussy ass niggas don't get no love
Matterfact pussy ass niggas get druug
Every nigga on the block I come from sell drugs
She threw the pussy at me and I knocked it out the park like Babe Ruth
Put it in her jaw and skeeted on her wisdom tooth
That's good brain get it?
Tonn Deep a fool wit it Plus I keep a tool wit it
I fuck for free and you have all yo hoes pussy rented
MVP player cause I got good game
Try to play me and you will see my good aim
Ray Allen shoot the lights End Game

[Verse 2 Nucky Breaux]
I gotta stay clean but i dont even try I spit the game so good I make the sport fly. I'm the one to call when u need a win . When the game is one line I'm on the other end. Girls be tryna smother him. Niggas wanna block the shine. Either way they wanna piece but they get no piece of mind. I just want my team to ball hard when its time to go. Laughin at yo moves cuz yo game plan is comical. Cop a whip trick it out all wit ya re-up. Now u broke wit a clean car but she wit me bruh. Niggas ass backwards trying to shine before it's time. Then they get up in a bind. And they wanna come ask for mine. Nigga please stand in line. Get some cheese than we can talk stack yo chips learn how hustle gotta crawl before u walk. Nigga like me I'm runnin thangs stay yo ass up out the fast lane. I'm always on tha fly shit but the fit is never plane know what I'm saying.

[Verse 3 - Gent Eastwood]
I'm stepping out clean as whistle
Bitch I'm hot as some fish grease listen to the sizzle
I'm fly as a missle sharp as a pencil
First name Gent but naw Ho I ain't gentle
Flipping on the track going hard is quite simple
Slick word play all day ooze from my temple
You loose automatically we ball emphatically
My girlfriend killing these ho's fatality
Since this reality real niggas win
No time for fake friends they just cowar in the end
I tower over niggas cuz its all about the Figures
Getting money in the field and all u get is middle fingers
I still sport my jeans with a cuff and a crease
Not one nickel in my pocket but still can pull a dime piece
On these beats I'm a beast I devour every piece
With my critically acclaimed Southern Fried mouth piece

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