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Dawes - Just My Luck Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Just My Luck lyrics performed by Dawes. We have tried to make the Just My Luck song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Just my luck you'd walk into this party
Just my luck you'd show up with my friends
It's not the words that they reduce me to
Or where your life is leading you
It's the same reason that it always has been
Just my luck

Just my luck I never said I loved you
Just my luck it completely slipped my mind
It's not my colder-hearted tendencies
That keeps you from being here with me
Or the universe's brilliant designs
It's just my luck

I spend my whole life moving forwards but understand it looking back
Like watching last night's tapes in the middle of a game
I should know how this thing works now, I should accept it as a fact
That there's really nothing out there I can blame

Just my luck this goodbye could get so casual
Just my luck I still talk like I got a chance
It's not because I do not clearly see
That you are finally done with me
No I figured that out long in advance
And it's not because I don't know this dance
This has happened enough times for us to see
It's not because you're not meant for me
It's just my luck
Its just my luck
Its just my luck
Just my luck

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