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David Mead - No One Left To Blame Lyrics

Looking out the window, it's midday
Like the one I finally made you go away
Thirty days, give or take
Well I was sure you would break
I finally took that picture off the wall
Into every crack a little rain will fall
Give it time, so they say
But where do I place the blame
For it all

'Cos it's true
You release yourself, it's all on someone else
Yeah it's true
And it's all the same when you got no one left to blame
I believed you every time you said
That this world could only turn inside your head
As if you never cried
As if we never died, this death


'Cos if I'd ever thought about it
I know I'd find a way to doubt it for you
I know that I'm responsible for
The little lies I let you tell for two

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