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Dave Hollister - Round And Round Lyrics

Yo Dave,
Can We Do It Now (Let's Do it now)
Noontime, Jazzee Pha, Teddy Bishop
Uh, Like this, Uh Uh

Round and round and round we go
Where we stop nobody knows
Come inside, take off your clothes
Wanna sex you from your head to toe
Baby girl, here we go. (Repeat)

Verse 1:
It's 2:00,the time is right
I'm in the mood for love tonight.
So tell me girl, what do you like?
Cause I wanna freak you if you don't mind.
I can act a fool for you tonight,
Girl let me freak your body,
Cause I'll freak it right.
Baby come inside.

Chorus 2x

Verse 2:
It's 3:00, let's get it hype
I don't wanna stop 'til after 9.
Pull up the sheets, turn out the lights,
And turn around

If you really wanna do it right now
Let a nigga know if it's alright.
(Let a nigga know it's alright)
If you really wanna do it right now
Let a nigga if it's alright.

Chorus 2x

Baby tell me what you like,
I can freak your body right.

Make it hot
Jazzee Pha, come on now
Round and round, up and down,
Makin all them freaky sounds.
You the finest thang around town,
Let your playboy put it down.
Meet me in the smoking lounge
(that's where they pass them thangs around)
I got a suite at the Swiss hotel,
(Room 222, loud as hell)
It's cool baby, don't be scared,
I ain't gonna let you bump your head.
It's a lotta thangs left unsaid,
As we can ride this squeaky bed (Squeak, squeak)
Shorty freaky lil' somethin
(Gonna make you wanna stay with me)
Don't you know that I can keep you coming
(Gonna make you wanna play with me)
Baby play with me.

Chorus until fade......

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