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Dave Hollister - I'm Sorry (my Favorite Girl Remix) Lyrics

Below you can find the popular I'm Sorry (my Favorite Girl Remix) lyrics performed by Dave Hollister. We have tried to make the I'm Sorry (my Favorite Girl Remix) song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.


Baby listen to me for just 1 second
I'm Sorry
What happened between me and her
It's over

Verse 1

I was wrong..em
I let a lonly night get between us em em
When you were out of town I creeped on you
but then shorty em em
she didn't mean anything to me
I little my little man think
messed up our family
Please forgive me baby it's over
this is what I told her


Don't call me no more (no no)
Forget my number (forget my number girl)
I'm with my favourite girl (emm)
she's the women that I love
I know I was wrong (I was wrong)
Making love to her and gettin you strung
I'm with my favourite girl
She's the one that I adore

Verse 2

I was so Damn wrong lady
I let you down a brought tears to your eyes
but even then you stayed in my corner
Now I can't ... I can't imagine life without you
Cause your the best thing that ever happened to me
that's why I had to tell her...Don't call me no more

Chorus (ad libs change)


So don't leave me baby I'm down on my knees
But It's over I told her...(she's the one that I adore)
Let me dry your tears cause I feel your pain
but it's over she knows...(she's the one that I adore)
There's no more tears to cry for you
and It hurts me more than you'll ever know
And I said this to her...(she's the one that I)...Adoooorrrre

Chorus (Ad libs change)

[Repeat to fade]

Dave Hollister lyrics

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