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Daniella - Wats up Lyrics

I been looking from acroos the street thinking that we can be but I say no( I say no)
I be thinking to myself and ask my friends but they say no(they say no)

Don't play me just save me my baby (My Baby) My friends act like they know me but
they don't see that we could always be
They say I'm stupid and I'm Dumb because i'm so much in love with you but they're
crazy (so crazy)
I toss and turn because youre not with me uh baby
So say my name say my name it dont matter just either way say my name (say my name)
My dad just don't understand that you're gonna always be my man.....(my man)
I dont care wat they think because they're always gonna say the samething So baby
come with me so I can drive you crazy

Daniella lyrics