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Daft Punk - Instant Crush Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I didnt want to be the one to forget
I thought of everything Id never regret
The little time with you is all that I get
Lets run with it because its all we can take
One thing Id never see, the same way around
I dont believe it and it slips from the ground
I want to take you to that place near the [?]
But no one gives us any time anymore
You used to want to [?]
You made an offer for it, then you ran off
I got this picture of us kids in my head
And all I hear is the last thing that you say

[Pre Chorus]
Listen to you brother, and listen to me
I didnt want to anymore

And we will never be alone again
Cause it doesnt happen everyday
Kinda counted on you being a friend
Kinda counted on [?]
Now I thought about what I wanna say
But I never really know where to go
So I [?] us off to a friend

Some more again

[Verse 2]
It didnt matter what they wanted to see
You thought he saw someone that looked just like me
[?] memory that just never dies
We worked too long and hard to give it no time
He sees right through me, its so easy with lies
[?] the road that I would try [?]
He runs the [?]
He cannot break it [?]
Take it, oh I dont wanna take anymore

[Pre Chorus]


I dont wanna start, dont get upset
Im not with you
Its all I do when Im with you


Daft Punk lyrics

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